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of telephone calls Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

To understand the real policy is not to make far-reaching conclusions from the official reports of telephone conversations of President Barack Obama and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This is a comment "Observer" said the former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States (1994-1998 gg.) Yuri Shcherbak.
"The Russian side does the visibility of good will to create the conditions for dropping off the EU sanctions. No more" - warned Shcherbak.
According to the diplomat, despite the difficult situation in the Russian economy, Putin never make concessions and, moreover, does not recognize his defeat in Ukraine. "Putin has a simple ultimatum: change the constitution, without any control over this limit will not be. Unfortunately, control of the border at the end of the list of the Minsk Agreement" - recalled Shcherbak.
Nevzorov: the world is laughing at Putin, who sculpts his empire from feces
The diplomat added: "Putin is required to surrender. We all understand that the change in the Constitution is the beginning of the collapse or" blurring "of Ukraine. At the same time, Putin should be accelerated, as Russia on the horizon problem."
US helps Ukraine to defend democracy - Obama
According to the diplomat, Ukraine too little time. "Now the process of the collapse of the Soviet state machine: the courts, the police, the prosecutor's office. And not very successful to build a new" - summed up Shcherbak.
As previously reported by the "Observer" on January 13, during a telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin told US President Barack Obama, what steps should be taken Kiev to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

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